Sunday, September 15, 2013

the Raven nevermore...

Like always, this time of year, I've got Halloween on my mind!
I'm having friends over, the first weekend in October, and it's a perfect reason to decorate!
I haven't decorated in a few years and I miss it!
So, I pulled out all the bins last week, sorted through them (I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas stuff!) There was a lot. I purged and actually filled a box  to take to the thrift store.
Today, instead of cleaning, I surfed Pinterest, while I'm slow cooking Beef Tips for dinner.
And....watching my beloved Cleveland far.
I feel guilty.  They're playing the Baltimore... Ravens. I feel like I'm jinxing my team, while I decorate my little Raven, I bought a couple years ago. I decided he needed some sprucing up. So I made him a Fancy hat and collar. Besides, When I would display him on the bathroom counter, I would forget he was there, and get a scare every time I walked in.
So, He's all Halloween'd out now.
We're still losing.....maybe I'd better put the "Black Bird" away for now.

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