Thursday, September 18, 2014

My original Halloween Puzzle piece.

My Original  Halloween Collaged Puzzle piece. that's me, about age 6.
The rest of the puzzle pieces, are designed by other artists, in our puzzle swap. It's a great group project!

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Autumn!

I've started decorating!
It's a little early....for me, but I'm having friends over on October 5th, and I wanted to have it finished
I haven't decorated in a few years and it was like seeing old friends again.
All the Orange and Back, made me feel like a kid it always does.
It's not really done... I'm still searching for the "perfect place" for each thing.
Going through  6 bins of  "Stuff"..... (more than my Christmas decorations)
I realized I had to purge.... the things I never used and take them to the  thrift shop
where someone else can enjoy them.
It's Autumn....I love this time of year! The cool air, Grey clouds. Amazing
color and of course HALLOWEEN!

I love my FRANKIE treat bucket.

I love my Johanna Parker pieces! and my little
Pumpkin Scarecrow.

Cool vintage look....found at Target this year. 2pak
for only $3! deal!

Love the witches shoe... a great find on ETSY

Sunday, September 15, 2013

the Raven nevermore...

Like always, this time of year, I've got Halloween on my mind!
I'm having friends over, the first weekend in October, and it's a perfect reason to decorate!
I haven't decorated in a few years and I miss it!
So, I pulled out all the bins last week, sorted through them (I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas stuff!) There was a lot. I purged and actually filled a box  to take to the thrift store.
Today, instead of cleaning, I surfed Pinterest, while I'm slow cooking Beef Tips for dinner.
And....watching my beloved Cleveland far.
I feel guilty.  They're playing the Baltimore... Ravens. I feel like I'm jinxing my team, while I decorate my little Raven, I bought a couple years ago. I decided he needed some sprucing up. So I made him a Fancy hat and collar. Besides, When I would display him on the bathroom counter, I would forget he was there, and get a scare every time I walked in.
So, He's all Halloween'd out now.
We're still losing.....maybe I'd better put the "Black Bird" away for now.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Halloween doodling...

One of my original drawings for your coloring pleasure!
(Not to be reprinted or used for sale or profit. Copyright ARTkissed original eclectic art 2013)

Monday, October 31, 2011


I've just finished painting my nails Orange & Black, for our office work Halloween party!...typing is probably not the smartest thing to be doing right now.

I'm not dressing up this year, but I will be "HALLOWEEN'D UP" Wearing my new favorite Halloween Shirt, I bought a couple weeks ago, at Cracker Barrel. It's a Rusty Pumpkin color, with the most awesome vintage designs. A flying Witch, adorable pumpkins, Bats and scrolling. I wish I could wear it all the time!
It's also blinged up with  Rhinestoned  "HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL" written across the front. I'll be adding some of my own Halloween Jewelry to complete my Halloween ensemble!

Image won't upload right now...but it's the image shown on my Halloween party post below. Oh well.
Anyway...I thought I'd just post some of my favorite Halloween images and things.
I'll be spending the evening, watching some scary movies with the lights off! just like when I was a kid! No trick or treaters here at the apartment, so the candy's all mine!

Add capt
 A local Cleveland legend! He was a movie host, on Friday nights.
It was scary at first, then he was just so silly! He always played
B- movies.. which I love so much!
He coined "famous" (in Cleveland) expressions like:
"Turn Blue you Goul" " Purple Kniff" and "over-dey"
"Cool it with the Boom-Booms!"
guess ya had to be here .. or be 8 years appreciate it!
His real name was Ernie Anderson, and he  eventually became
a well known "Voice over" guy.
But he's still close to our Cleveland Hearts.
he passed away several years ago. ion

My prized Ghoulardi sweatshirt! given to me from my kids!
I love it, and still wear it all the time!

I love this picture of my 3 sisters, Rita, Deb and Susan...
I wasn't born yet!

One of my handmade Masks.

My kids handmade Costumes 1988
I made them all from mostly thrift store finds!

Some little paintings I sold at a craft show.

My first attempt at doll making. Of course
I made a Witch!

My first 3-D movie
Saw it at Olympia Theater.. and other wonderful childhood memory
The movie scared me... but I was only 7.

Love my cookie cutters, but I love the box even more!

Original Painting. I had the image put on a T-shirt
at a cool site called:

I swear I had this bag as a kid... and the things below
are just more Halloween memories I love!........

Love Caramel apples! I think I'll pick some up for tonight!


Classic Decoration from my "era"

Ohhhh.. and the marvelous, musical Wax harmonica..
which really worked by the way.
When you were done driving your parents nuts with the noise,
you could just eat it!!!!!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

And the WINNER is.......

Thank you ALL for coming to my
FANCIFUL TWIST Halloween Party!
I had so much fun!
I enjoyed visiting your parties!

 selected at random,

at "Paint myself Pretty"
I will be emailing you for your address, so I
can send your HALLOWEEN goodies to you!

Thank you all!