Saturday, August 6, 2011

More ARTwork

Original Collage/greeting cards
(sold at Etsy)

Just a couple more, while I take a little break from the wedding preparations.... okay I'm making myself  some jewelry for the BIG DAY!


Original Witch Sketch 2010

hand stamped Star hanging

"Dance by the Light of the Moon"
Original Collage/Greeting card(sold at Etsy)

   thought I'd post a few pieces of my artwork before I get busy with some last minute chores, as I get ready for my daughter's wedding next weekend!
.... I'll be back soon!


My Great Grandmother Odile,  spirit of Goblins Moon.

Welcome to "All Things HALLOWEEN"

I love Halloween...always have.  The candy, the costumes, decorations, October leaves... and all things Black and Orange... it's all good.

It's only August. Very hot, very humid. But I always find myself thinking about Halloween this time every year. Maybe I'm just longing for a cool crisp Autumn-like day.  

My mind is swimming with Halloween ideas. Paintings, collage, jewelry... oh where to begin? Halloween creating will just have to wait a while longer....
my daughter Allison is getting married next weekend! So much to do, so exciting! my ART will have to go on the back burner...and simmer for a while.

Being a brand new still in it's infancy, and not much to see...yet.  I've added just a few of my favorite HALLOWEEN blogs, and favorite sites... but there's lots more to come!

Of course, I'll be posting my HALLOWEEN art work past & present. 

Feel free to add a comment, or a link to your website or blog you'd like me to add to my growing list. 

I hope you'll come back again and again to see what's new.